Our reporting System

The way we report to parents has now changed.

Our new student management student is called 'Hero' and it will also become our new Online Reporting Portal for parents.

This enables us to be able to provide you as parents a picture of your students learning in real-time rather than the twice per year reports we have previously provided. Overtime, it will provide an excellent picture of what is happening in your child’s class. This means that all hard copy reports (Mid and End of Year Reports/Learning Logs) will no longer be supplied on paper. All reporting to parents will be online and we will assist with the use of a device if required.

Carterton School teachers are undertaking professional development to provide you as parents with timely information on your child's progress throughout the year. These reports will consist of progress graphs across the curriculum and specific samples of work as evidence, so you have a clear picture of how your child is progressing.

HERO is a dynamic and robust reporting system that allows teachers, parents, and students to access learning in an online environment that is secure, easy, and effective. We are excited by the possibilities of keeping you all more informed and up-to-date about your child’s progress.

It is important to note that this is a big change to our systems and although we have a robust roll out procedure planned, it will take some time to get it 100%. We expect the roll out to be fully in place by July 2023.

Information for parents to login and access these will be updated early Term 1 2023.

You can view this information video created by the HERO team. It outlines a number of features that the HERO app enables for parents, teachers and students. Note that some of the features will be turned on and used at later stages (once the teachers have received professional development on their use).

Follow the instructions below to sign up

Logging In to LINC-ED Hero (new users)

1. Download the Hero by Linc-Ed app from the app store.
Note: use the keywords Hero-LINC-ED when searching for the app.

Alternatively, open your browser and enter go.linc-ed.com

2. Click NEW USER.

3. Enter the email address you have provided the school and click REQUEST PASSWORD LINK.

If your email address is not accepted, please contact the school office.

4. You will receive a message confirming a password email has been sent.

5. Open your email inbox and click on the Hero Password Reset email.

If you do not receive a Hero Password Reset email, check your spam folder.

6. Open the email and click RESET MY PASSWORD.

7. Enter a secure password (8 or more characters), verify this password then click SET PASSWORD.

8. You will receive a confirmation message. Click SIGN IN.

9. Enter your email address and your newly set password. If you are using a public device or do not want your password auto-saved, tick This is a public device.

Click SIGN IN.


1. You will see Community notices sent by your child’s school. If the text is long, you may need to click read more to view the whole message