New enrolments



Enrolments are made by the administration team. When enrolling a five year old we will need to sight the child’s birth certificate and immunisation certificate. Children may be enrolled up to 3 months before their 5th birthday and attend school from the day they become five years of age. Visits to school before the age of five can be arranged with Kristi Hiles or Whaea Hera, but responsibility for under five year olds cannot be accepted by the school. During such visits the child is the responsibility of the parent.

To help with a smooth transition to school Miss Hiles and Whaea Hera welcome four year olds to have a series of visits to their chosen class. These visits can be arranged by contacting the teacher of the classroom your child is going to be in once they start school.

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Digital Equipment & Internet Agreement

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School Online Agreement

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Blanket Consent for EOTC

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New Entrant Handbook