New enrolments



Enrolments are made by the School Secretary. When enrolling a five year old we will need to sight the child’s birth certificate and immunisation certificate. Children may be enrolled up to 3 months before their 5th birthday and attend school from the day they become five years of age. Visits to school before the age of five can be arranged with the Kristi Hiles but responsibility for under five year olds cannot be accepted by the school. During such visits the child is the responsibility of the parent.

School Contribution

A School Contribution is requested from parents and caregivers to assist the school to purchase extra equipment for our students. Most of our parents pay this contribution as they recognise that Government funding does not meet the costs of all the needs for educating our children.

Pre-Schoolers’ Programme

To assist parents of keen four-year-olds, Miss Hiles and Whaea Hera organises a programme for pre-schoolers. Parents collect work from school on Fridays on a weekly basis. The activities are very simplified reading, drawing, construction etc. This programme is very popular and is open to those children intending to attend Carterton School. There is no charge for this programme.

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Digital Equipment & Internet Agreement

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School Online Agreement

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Blanket Consent for EOTC

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