All students are expected to wear the School Uniform consisting of a green polo (Yrs 0-6) or navy & green polo (Yrs 7-8) and navy fleece top embroidered with the school logo. A senior hoodie is also available, but not compulsory (please ask at the office for information). Any navy blue shorts, culottes or pants (with no visible labels) can be worn.

All items of clothing must be named. Please check this often as names wear off.

Why do we have a uniform?

The BOT through its community consultation asked several years ago if the introduction of a school uniform was desirable and the response was overwhelmingly in favour.

What is the uniform?

This image is a sample. The top will be embroidered with Carterton School logo.

Navy blue shorts/pants/culottes/skirt-any navy blue item can be worn except jeans. No visible labels are allowed.

Green embroidered short sleeve polo – Yrs 0-6.

Navy & Green polo for Yr 7/8.

Navy blue embroidered polar fleece/vest. A senior hoodie is also available, but not compulsory (please ask at the office for information).

Any black footwear except high heels and long boots. Black or navy socks.

Navy blue wide brimmed sunhat (Compulsory in Terms 1 & 4) – no caps.

Where do I buy the uniform?

The uniform can be purchased from New Zealand Uniforms, 3 Albert Street, Masterton or shop online.

If you feel you may need help in purchasing uniforms then you may be eligible for Work and Income NZ (WINZ) assistance. You can contact WINZ by phoning Masterton 06 946 0088 or visiting the Masterton Office in Lincoln Road.

Good second-hand uniforms are available through the PTA uniform shop. Times will be advertised for the beginning of the year and for other suitable events. Please ask at the office for more information.

Can I buy uniform items from other places?

You can buy the navy blue shorts/pants etc anywhere, but the navy blue polar fleece and the green polo shirt must be purchased from New Zealand Uniforms. These are embroidered with Carterton School Logo.

What happens on sport days?

The school uniform will be worn for P.E. and school based sport, but children and teams representing the school will be allocated a green sports top.

What about jewellery?

A wristwatch, medical bracelet and small unobtrusive ear studs are permitted, but other jewellery is not to be worn. Nail polish and make-up are not to be worn.