School Values


(Positive Behaviour for Learning)

As a school, we desire to develop a caring community with 'The Carterton School 3Rs', where everyone embraces our values so that we learn together and soar to new heights. At Carterton school we have high expectations of student’s behaviour. 

Respect myself - Mana motuhake

Respect others - Manaakitanga

Respect our environment  -  Kaitiakitanga

Our 3 R’s have been developed to cover these expectations and the practice of these is taught throughout the school through Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L). The 3Rs are our ‘school rules’. They describe what is important to us as we work and play together. When children meet our school expectations and demonstrate our ‘3Rs’ they receive a range of positive rewards to make sure they realise they are doing the right thing. 

The school has a comprehensive behaviour management system. For moderate and serious issues the senior staff intervene. There is a “Think Space Room” for time out and for reflection. Negative behaviours are recorded and reported to the senior staff who work with teachers and children to encourage positive behaviour and healthy relationships. Communication with the home is encouraged in all areas of school life and particularly for managing negative behaviours. The behaviour policies of the school are freely available to parents.

PB4L pamphlet 2022 .pdf
PB4L behaviour management system - updated 2019.pdf